Fulton medicinali S.p.A. is part of Nine Trees Group S.p.A. a leading Italian group operating in the production of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

The companies are:


ALYON INC. is a Fulton subsidiary company, dedicated to commercial operations and to the development of Fulton in the USA market.


ANEMOCYTE is a BMO (Biotech Manufacturing Organization) based in Varese, a lead innovator in the field of advanced therapies.


Brenta is a research driven, technology platforms developer on pharmaceutical and material science fields.


DELMAR is a strategic facility approved by FDA for the production of active ingredients.


F.I.S. is the CDMO leader in Europe for small molecules: a reliable, long-term partner with an integrated contract manufacturing organization able to manage small molecule API and Intermediate projects from development to commercial production.