Basic Principles of Conduct

The entrepreneurial activity of Fulton medicinali S.p.A. has always aimed at a rigorous ethical conduct which feeds, as in a virtuous circle, the development, the well-being and the progress of the company itself.

All those who act for and on behalf of Fulton are required to comply with the Fundamental Principles of Conduct, cooperating – each within their respective functions, responsibilities and tasks – to the affirmation of the principles and values expressed therein.

The Company’s Employees and Partners are required to know the provisions contained in the Fundamental Principles of Conduct and to adapt their conduct thereto.

Fulton’s business and modus operandi are based on several fundamental, interrelated principles:

  • Investing in its Employees who have always been its most valuable resource. All employees who work at Fulton, are treated with respect, fairness and loyalty by managers, colleagues, external contractors, customers and suppliers. Staff selection and career advancement take place on the basis of business needs and personal and professional merit. Harassment, discrimination or favouritism of any kind is not tolerated at Fulton. Fulton cares about the quality of the working conditions of each employee or partner, with the aim of constantly improving them. Fulton encourages every employee to express ideas, proposals or criticisms aimed at improving processes, the organisation and company life in general. Each manager is obliged to acknowledge such reports and pass them on to his or her superiors in the appropriate manner. Each employee is expected to act and work responsibly, seriously, professionally, loyally and respectfully towards colleagues, superiors, Fulton, company property and customers. All employees are expected to abide by the Fundamental Principles of Conduct.
  • The focal point of all Fulton’s entire business is Customer satisfaction and success. Fulton is therefore committed to ensuring the highest levels of quality in the products and services it offers, guaranteeing full compliance with the laws and regulations in force and customers’ specific requirements. Fulton holds itself accountable for the projects it undertakes on behalf of customers. Fulton guarantees the utmost fairness, confidentiality and transparency in its relations with customers.
  • Being directly responsible for Patients, with the commitment, therefore, to guarantee the highest levels of quality of the products and services carried out.
  • Fulton’s Suppliers are selected according to criteria of competitiveness, cost-effectiveness, quality and, above all, compliance with the law. Business and personal relationships between Fulton and suppliers are based on the principles of fairness, loyalty and transparency. Fulton expects its suppliers to meet the required quality standards.
  • Fulton’s business is carried out in a context strongly characterised by laws and regulations, with specific reference to the body of rules applicable in the field of pharmaceuticals, in the administrative field and in the field of protection of Safety, Health and Environment. Fulton declares its intention to constantly act in compliance with the Laws and, to this end, expresses and reiterates the obligation for all Employees to act accordingly in any situation related to the business carried out on behalf of the Company. Fulton also undertakes to ensure that third parties acting on behalf of the Company comply with the above ethical principles without exception. Fulton holds multiple relations with the Public Administration as regards the fulfilment of legal obligations and in compliance with inspections and surveillance activities carried out by Control Bodies: on all these occasions, Fulton undertakes to guarantee the correctness and transparency of conduct and communications.
  • Fulton considers protection of the Environment, Health and Safety not only as a duty governed by law and managed in relations with the Public Administration, but also as a commitment to the local community, both in terms of mitigating possible negative impacts and in terms of sensitivity to the needs of the territory.
  • Fulton is directly responsible for the company’s ethical and fair conduct, in all of its activities and is responsible for the quality of the services and products it provides. The company is also committed to always investing wisely, honestly and sustainably, so as to ensure the continuity and improvement of Fulton without ever jeopardising its own solidity and that of the people and companies with which it interacts.