Welcome to Fulton medicinali S.p.A.

Fulton medicinali S.p.A. is a full Italian capital company, founded in 1985. Its "core business" resides in the research, development, formulation, production and pharmaceutical packaging of products to Fulton brand and for third parties.
Fulton medicinali is authorized for the production of different pharmaceutical forms including tablets (oral and vaginal), hard gelatin capsules, suppositories, ovules, cutaneous powders and dry syrups for extemporaneous preparation. Fulton medicinali is a dynamic, demonstrating continuous evolution and growth based on reliability, competence and the high quality level of services and manufactured products.

On June 05, 2019 the Swiss pharmaceutical company PHF SA, joining the Italian NineTrees Group, formerly owned by F.I.S., acquired Fulton Medicinali spa. Nine Trees Group SpA is an important group that operates in the production of products and services for the global pharmaceutical industry and is present in Italy and abroad with several companies: F.I.S. – Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici S.p.A. (IT), Delmar (CA), FIS North America (USA), PHF SA (CH), China Office (PRC), Anemocyte (IT) and Brenta (IT). This acquisition allows PHF SA to expand its range of products and services and Fulton Medicinali spa to integrate into an international group. As to whether relationships will continue with the utmost trust and collaboration, while maintaining high standards of quality and safety, we remain available for further clarification.


Fulton medicinali has always focused on entrepreneurial activity conducted ethically and feeding, as in a virtuous circle, the development, wellness and progress of the company.

  • History

    • Fulton medicines was founded in 1985 by the intuition and ambitions of four Italian founding partners who, with the desire to accommodate what were the demands of the Italian and foreign pharmaceutical market in the field of pharmaceutical production, decided to get involved and invest in the company, which, over the years, it has grown from a staff of a few employees to a staff of 35 people between employees and contractors. The first factory was located in Milan, but then, in order to enlarge the spaces provided for production departments, quality control and to warehouse activities, and improve employee quality of work, before they moved to Settimo Milanese and later at the current plant in located in Arese.
  • Society

      Fulton medicinali is an Italian company operating in the pharmaceutical market with competence, seriousness and reliability, since 1985. Since the beginning Fulton medicinali has chosen to be a "Partner in outsourcing" for its customers, able to take care of the entire life of their products (from the formulation, development, to marketing and after-care), to support them through services, counseling and complementary activities to pharmaceutical production. The four founding members run the company maintaining the principles and values of the beginning: dynamism, efficiency, technological innovation, security, fairness, ethics and great sense of responsibility to the patients who will take the medicines studied, developed, manufactured, packaged and controlled in the factories of medicines Fulton.
      In 1998 Fulton medicinali acquired the plant of 1,500 m2 in Arese (MI), where was built the new Fulton medicinali site, fully activated in 2000. The production workshop is characterized by technological innovation applied to all its parts, was built in full compliance with the latest regulations, paying particular attention to the environmental impact. The site is mainly dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical forms such as tablets (oral and vaginal), suppositories, ovules, dry syrups for extemporaneous preparation.
  • Fundamental principles of conduct

    • Fulton medicinali has always focused on entrepreneurial activity conducted ethically and feeding, as in a virtuous circle, the development, wellness and progress of the company. The activity and the policy of Fulton medicinali are based on several fundamental principles, related to each other:

      • to be directly accountable to patients, therefore with the commitment to ensure the highest levels of quality of manufactured products and services.

      • invest in their employees, always been, its most valuable asset. All employees working in Fulton medicinali, are treated with respect, honesty and fairness by managers, colleagues, contractors, customers and suppliers. Personnel selection and career advancement are made based on business needs and personal and professional merits. Fulton medicinali. Forms of harassment, discrimination or favoritism of any kind are not tolerated. Fulton medicinali pay attention to the quality of working conditions of each employee or collaborator, with the aim to constantly improve it. Fulton medicinali encourages each employee to express ideas, suggestions and comments aimed at improving the processes, organization and business life in general. Each manager has an obligation to implement these reports and transfer them to their superiors in the appropriate forums. Each employee is expected to act responsibly and work, with seriousness, professionalism, loyalty and respect towards colleagues, high school, Fulton medicines, assets and customers. All employees are required to comply with the Fundamental Principles of Conduct.

      • The focal point of all activities of Fulton medicinali is the satisfaction and customer success. Fulton medicinali therefore undertakes to ensure the highest levels of quality of products and services, ensuring full compliance with current laws and regulations and with specific customer requirements. Fulton medicines is fully responsible for the projects realized in the name and on behalf of clients. Fulton medicinali ensures maximum accuracy, confidentiality and transparency in the relationship with customers.

      • Suppliers of Fulton medicinali, are selected on competitiveness criteria, cost effectiveness, and above all quality of supplied materials. The commercial and personal relations between Fulton medicinali, and suppliers are based on the principles of fairness, loyalty and transparency. Fulton medicinali, requires its suppliers to fulfill all the required quality standards.

      • Fulton medicinali is directly responsible for the ethically correct and fair conduct of the company, in all its activities and is the guarantor of the quality of services and products it manufactures. The company is also committed to invest in the more wisely, honest and sustainable way in order to ensure the continuity and improvement of Fulton medicinali without ever jeopardizing their solidity and that of the people and of the social realities with which it interacts.
  • Health, Safety and Environment Policy

    • Fulton medicinali is a dynamic, growing whose objective is the improvement of human health, aim pursued by the focus on protecting the health and safety of its employees and the environment. The attention to product quality, is achieved through the application of what are the Community rules on manufacturing of pharmaceuticals products. Fulton medicinali therefore undertakes to work ensuring its business is in protection for its employees and the patients, in full compliance with legal provisions and the provisions of the voluntary codes or regulations to which it subscribes. Fulton medicines. is aware that for the present and future success and satisfaction of all stakeholders need to fix specific goals in terms of protection of health, environmental protection and safety and respect of ethical principles. The Philosophy of Fulton is therefore directed to:

      • Safeguard the Environment

      • Protecting health and safety of employees and patients

      • Application of prevention policies

      • Evaluation of the risks arising from business activities and programming of the necessary preventive and protective measures

      • Continued training of personnel through "ad hoc"training

      • Ongoing verification of suppliers and subcontractors.

      • Use the best available technologies to optimize the use of resources, raise staff awareness to reduce waste.
  • Certifications

    • In order to ensure compliance with European standards for manufacturing, quality and safety of pharmaceutical products, AIFA (Pharmaceutical Italian Agency) monitors and controls Pharmaceutical Companies periodically. The GMP certification, issued after each audit performed by AIFA, certifies compliance of the Company with Good Manufacturing Practices. Audits at the pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are carried out according to technical and methodological criteria to guarantee the quality of the manufactured product.


  • Contract manufacturing.
    Pharmaceutical production for third parties is the core business of medicines Fulton.
    The Company mainly produces and packages: tablets (oral and vaginal), suppositories, ovules, dry syrups for extemporaneous preparation, cutaneous powders and medical devices.
  • Pharmaceutical specialities.
    Fulton medicinali also produces medicines for human use which for which owns marketing authorization for the Italian market, and a wide range of generic products in various dosage forms for foreign markets.